June 16-17 Your donation will support HARP & the preservation of our SR-71

HARP--Uncovering the hidden history of Hughes Aviation

In the archives at Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum, we have the equivalent of 1.5 million pieces of paper, all historical documents related to the story of Howard Hughes and his aviation projects. This archive of papers, drawings, manuals, and reports tell the story of the building of the Spruce Goose as well as documenting other Hughes accomplishments. We recently discovered a copy of Howard Hughes’ logbook, which provides the details of his record-breaking Round the World Flight in 1938 – a reminder of the significance of the items we have in our collection. In honor of this accomplishment, we are launching the first phase of the Hughes Aviation Research Project (HARP), project that will allow us to make this incredible collection available to the world through onsite displays, research opportunities and eventually digitized for researchers around the world. For the next 30 days, we will be sharing with you some of these hidden treasures and asking you to be our partner in fundraising for this project. You can share this page with your network or even start your own page! With your help, we will raise $8,000 by July 14, 2018—the 80th Anniversary of the final leg of his Round the World Flight.

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